Evening Thoughts and Reflection

I learned that the painful, hurtful past are only preparing us for something bigger.

For us to be stronger, to be more forgiving, more considerate, to be understanding to others, to appreciate those little things that we are blessed with.

For us to be kinder, to everyone, and our own self.

(Don’t let the tears go to waste — learn something from it.)

I learned that having someone to rely on doesn’t mean we are going to fully depend on them to solve our problems.

They are there to help us to believe in ourselves and our own capabilities. We can have their shoulders to cry on, their ears to listen us whine, and their hugs to remind us of the warmth.

But WE are the one who’s in charge of our own life and our own problems. Focus on figuring ways to solve them, yourself.

I learned that we can’t expect anyone to like us, nor to be nice to us,

but be kind anyway

and pay attention to those around us who does. They’re like flowers. Cherish them with all our heart.

I learned that guilt and uneasiness are ways our heart talk to us.

Stop what you’re doing. Take a moment to listen closely to the heart, and ask deeply inside,

“What are you trying to tell me? What is it that you actually need?”

Running away and finding things to distract you, won’t do anything. It’ll only make things worse.

I learned that being ‘cool’, smart, or successful, isn’t really something.

Being humble is.

And I learned that for things that I get from every self-help books, the wise-motivational-quotes, all the talks, and almost everything I’ve been looking for, is actually already written and practiced in the teachings of my religion.

It really is a true life guidance, indeed. mA— An awakening for me to actually start learning more about my own believes.

— fin.

These are pretty much everything my mind’s been wandering about all this day. *sigh* Growing up is such a hard thing to do, isn’t it?

hope that you can relate to any of it and find something beneficial ❤



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